Rango mein ghuli ladki ...

Rango mein ghuli ladki kya laal gulabi hai
Jo dekhta hai kehta hai kya maal gulabi hai

Pichle baras tune jo bhigoya tha holi mein
Ab tak nishani ka woh rumaal gulabi hai.
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Na ishq karna mere yaar,

Na ishq karna mere yaar, Ye ladkiyan bahut satati hai. Na karna in par aitbar, Ye kharch bahut karwati hai. Recharge tum karwa ke dete ho, Aur yeh number mera lagati hain.
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Cute confession..

Cute confession.. I AM BAD in ENGLISH BUT i can tell you that I LOVE YOU. … I am BAD in GEOGRAPHY BUT i can tell you thAt you LIVE in my HEART… I am BAD in HISTORY BUT I can REMEMBER when i FIRST saw you. I am BAD in CHEMISTRY BUT I can tell WHATS the REACTION when you SMILE.. I am BAD in PHYSICS BUT I can tell the INTENSITY of SPARK of my EYES when they SEE you.. I am BAD in every SUBJECT BUT I can TELL ALL.. I will PASS all SUBJECTS if the TOPIC is YOU swethrt.. (:
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मैं तेरे नसीब की बारिस नहीं जो तुज पे ब

मैं तेरे नसीब की बारिस नहीं जो तुज पे बरस जाऊ।। तुझे तक़दीर बदल नि होगी मुझे पाने के लिए ।
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There is nothing

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”
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Anniversary is repetition of promises

Anniversary is repetition of promises made with each other, love gets stronger.
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